Cybersecuritywebtest User Help

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Click on the "My Projects" section and click on the "Add New Site" button. In this section you can add your site to check the security issues. You can choose when you want to start immediately or you can chose othe day to start. Also the payment is via paypal, so if you have an calid credit/debit card you can pay with this via PayPal.

After you have added more than on site you will able to see the statistics on the "dashboard" section. Also after the website is scanned you can download the results in PDF format from dashboard section.

In heade (your profile) section you can change your password and also there you can see exactly your history.

If you have more sites to scan, you have option to buy more credits from "Payments" section. If you need more than 100 credits , please do not hesitate and contact us , and we will give you a solution via paypal or via wire transfer. Because in some countryes the PayPal is not accepted, please do not hesitate to contact us and we can solve this situation via wire transfer.

In section "API" you can have posibility to integrate this API in your soft, or on your application. Before to have access you need to add access to your IP address with "Add WhiteList IP".

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